Why I'm over Instagram

Over Instagram? Are you crazy? 

As an upcoming and thriving travel blogger and photographer (can I call myself that yet? The imposer syndrome is setting in. Do I have enough followers to call myself that?). I am working my butt off to provide quality content to those who come across my page. Not because of anything more than I love it. I love the process of being creative, and the finishing result of a photograph I take. I get to share with the world what I see from day to day and the unique events, corner stores, people passing by that make a destination what it is. It's poetic in a way, a picture speaks a thousand words.

My dream like many others is to wake up each week in a different city, explore the world and bring people on a journey. Inspire them. Educate them. I want to work with brands that allow this growth of people's minds and inspire them to live life to the fullest and try new things. Get out of that comfort zone. 

However to work with brands, you need numbers. Numbers matter. You can tell me they don't, but they do. Trying to grow a following on Instagram is like pulling teeth, because now Instagram has an algorithm that puts newcomers at a disadvantage (don't get me wrong some people take off and it's wonderful to see) but for most people to survive they have the follow/unfollow tactic. I hate it. If I follow a brand or blogger or photographer it's because I'm learning from them or they inspire me, or they produce kick ass content. Or they are people I have met along the way on my travels. 

But I'm over seeing the same thing on my feed, and waking up to find the people that followed me 10 hours ago, have unfollowed me. Why! I've looked into strategies, researched, had a theme for the first 9 pictures you see, used hashtags, tagged my location, regularly comment and like.

Am I missing something? Is my content that shit? Actually don't answer that because adijo to my self esteem. Kidding. Regardless of what people think, I am beyond passionate about producing creative content. I love it.

So am I the only one, is anyone else over it? and to answer those questions, no I'm not leaving Insta. I still keep hustling away. I ain't no quitter.

J E S S I C A x 


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