Six Resources to use when planning a trip around Europe


So I have always preferred flying over catching public transport, however I would absolutely recommend using Flixbus to get around. It's cheap and convenient. 9/10 they will show up on time, and if they don't, you will receive a message from the operator or you can call and they are quite responsive. They do have wi-fi on board however this is something they could improve on because I have either had trouble connecting or it runs out quickly, which isn’t fun on a 6 hour bus ride. This only happened on the odd occasion though, so overall I was very impressed.



So sometimes public transport is going to take way too long, so I use sky scanner to compare flights around Europe. Easily add the dates in or if you're flexible choose the whole month and they will tell you the cheapest dates you can fly (awesome right?). They also allow you to search for car hire and hotels, which I haven't used as of yet!



I absolutely love airbnb! The places you can choose are unreal, and now they also offer experiences, so if you're not sure of what to do when you get there, then you can have cooking classes with locals etc. Definitely worth checking out. 



Probably one of my favourite sites I have stumbled across! It compares travel from destination A to B. It also tells you the length and price of travel across flights, buses, trains etc. This saved me a lot of stress and having to go from tab to tab to see which one would work best for me and my schedule. You can download it on your phone, and purchase tickets, I have for trains before and it’s been great.


Trip advisor ft Instagram

So food is probably one of my favourite things about travelling. So when in a new city and not knowing where to go use trip advisor to get scores and comments on how people found the food and service. Once I'm almost sold on a place I turn to instagram. I love seeing what they offer, and if it looks amazing, I'm sold. Instagram really helps me when trying to figure out what they serve if they don't have an english menu or photos online to look at.



Who else has used these resources when planning a trip to Europe?