Influencer collab camp #kaptainkennycollabcamp

Wait, did Phoebe message the right person? Does she actually want me to be apart of the collab camp!?!

It’s incredible to think that myself and 8 other creatives were brought together by a hashtag (#teamkaptainkenny). That 8 strangers brought together for the collab camp, that I met on a warm spring evening would turn into good friends within a few days.

You probably have a lot of questions, like:

  • How did this all come together?

  • What is the #kaptainkennycollabcamp?

  • What is #teamkaptainkenny?

  • Who is Kaptain Kenny?

Well I will answer all these and more questions below.


However I think it's only right that we start with the mastermind behind the ever growing community #teamkaptainkenny - Phoebe aka @kaptain.kenny. I started following Pheobe after the lovely Hayley (@hayleyonholiday) recommended I add the hashtag to my images to help with engagement (Thanks Hayley!!).

Phoebe like me is an Aussie. She’s extremely down to earth, open and so lovely. I got that vibe way before I met her in real life - just follow her account and watch her stories and you'll see what I'm talking about.

She started the hashtag #teamkaptinkenny, that has now grown to and is included in over 30K images on Instagram. What Phoebe has created is so much more than a hashtag. It’s a community of travellers who genuinely engage with each other, it’s a hashtag that has allowed many of us to meet, and to help each other out with tips and tricks while travelling (she also has a Facebook group that if you haven’t joined you should definitely think about doing - here you can find out about meet up's and ask questions for your upcoming travels).

It’s not a community that just follows and unfollow (ughhh are you over that shit as much as I am?) No this community is genuine and growing and will continue to grow which honestly makes me so happy to be apart of.

So that’s what lead us to the #kaptainkennycollabcamp. And hands down it’s a game changer. Phoebe announced applications to be part of a collab camp that would be held in Croatia where we would be learning from each other and creating content. Now for someone that didn’t have a huge following. I’m talking <1000 I was hesitant to apply because I thought I wasn’t good enough to join the camp, I didn’t have a huge following - so what could I contribute!?! But I applied anyway because you never know unless you try. Right!?!


So I did, and soon after I got a message from Phoebe asking if I was still keen to join. Wait, did she message the right person? I couldn’t believe she wanted me part of the collab camp, and I couldn’t type ‘yes I was’ fast enough! Because that’s the thing with this camp - Your talent and your offering meant more to her than the amount of followers or likes you had. Like I mentioned - game changer.

When I turned up to the @thebohoho - our accommodation for the week, I was met with majority of the team and they made me feel so incredibly welcome. Within seconds it felt like home, which is unusual when you show up in a foreign country with 8 strangers you know next to nothing about.

That week was amazing - we learnt from each other, with Polly talking us through vlogging and camera skills, Abi taking us through creative writing techniques, Boyan talking about his drone and Leo and Jyotsna going through Lightroom. We laughed, drank, danced, talked, and hung poolside. It was amazing. I learnt so much from these talented creatives that I now call friends. What I walked away with was more than knowledge. I had walked away with incredible memories and friends that I will hold dear for a lifetime. So I’m telling you this for real (I wasn’t asked to do this post but I honestly think you need to know this) when Phoebe gives you another opportunity to be part of the collab camp, set your fears aside and apply, because it’s an experience you’ll be eternally thankful for. Who’s ready for the next #kaptainkennycollabcamp?

Jessica MurkoComment