Why you need to visit the fairy tale like festive lights in Kranjska Gora

In collaboration with Kranjska Gora Tourism Board

This year marks my first Winter in Europe, and I can't explain the excitement I am feeling leading up to Christmas. The Winter Wonderland and festive lights, makes the occasion so joyous and exciting. I wasn't aware that Kranjska Gora had festive lights until being tagged on Facebook, and I couldn't believe how amazing it looked. I could best describe the lights as simple yet beautiful. The Village comes alive with the vibrant atmosphere, families walking by, laughing and enjoying  the lights. Not only should you go for the lights but there is something there for everyone!

Life-sized Advent Calander

As you walk through the Village, you'll notice a life-sized advent calendar, actually I would even go as far as saying giant-sized because it's pretty big. With everyday offering new prizes. I'd get there in the early afternoon to find out what prizes are on offer for the day, because we were too late to claim it in the evening. 

Try Smoren

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are yet to try Smoren, I would strongly recommend you do! Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you become addicted! Smoren is a traditional Slovenian savoury dish. It could best be described as a pancake cut up into small pieces, which tastes incredible with Nutella. You will find a small table outside a cafe cooking smoren right infront of your eyes!

Enjoy Kuhano Vino by the fire

In one of the stalls you'll notice a sign for Kuhano Vino (cooked wine). You can either enjoy white or red. I usually opt for the white, but that's a personal preference. Once you've ordered it, enjoy it by the warm open fire, because it does get quite cold, i'm taking minus temperatures. 

Enjoy dinner at Gostilna Cvitar

As you walk through admiring the lights, you'll notice Gostilna Cvitar. I would recommend having dinner here, they have quite an extensive menu including classic and traditional Slovenian meals, and you're also close to the lights, so you can continue enjoying them after a good meal. 

Shop at the stalls 

Each of the stalls are selling a variety of goods. This includes jewellery, cold meats and baby clothing. There are around about 8 stalls in the center of the lights, each decorated differently with their own festive lighting. 

Escape the cold in a surrounding cafe

There are also numerous cafes as you walk along, so you can escape the cold and enjoy a warm beverage before continuing on to explore more of the Alpine Village. 

Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights
Kranjska Gora | Festive Lights

A big thank you to Elizabeta and the Kranjska Gora Tourism Board for a wonderful stay and experience.

J E S S I C A x

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