Six mouthwatering places to eat at in Prague


I did quite a bit of research as to where to eat during my stay in Prague, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. So for those heading to Prague for the first time, or returning to the beautiful city here are six places you should eat at.

Coffee Room

I came across Coffee Room thanks to the Taste of Prague Blog, which listed Coffee Room as one of the best Cafes in Prague, and they were right to add them to the list. The café is small and cozy. It made my day to see Smashed Avocado on the menu, and it didn’t disappoint. Breakfast amounted to 215 CZK, which works out roughly to $12 AUD.

Coffee Room Prague
Coffee Room Prague
Coffee Room Prague

Malostransky Hostinec 

Located just outside St Nicholas Church on the left is a traditional Czech restaurant Malostransky Hostinec. They have an outside seating area, which is perfect in summer, where you can sit and enjoy the sun. I did my research before eating there and their high score of 4.0 on TripAdvisor, convinced me this was the way to go. I wanted to get something traditional, so I went with the beef goulash and Beer (of course, because if there is anything the Czech’s are known for, it’s having good beer). The atmosphere was very relaxing and I would definitely go back the next time I visit Prague. Lunch came to a total of 240 CZK/$14AUD, so pretty reasonable considering how good and filling the food was!

Malostransky Hostinec  Prague, Places to eat in Prague
Prague food

Mezi Srnky

Again I came across this café thanks the recommendations of The Taste of Prague. This quaint, little café is nestled away on a no through road. I ordered the Smoothie Superbowl, which was delicious and could best compare it to an acai bowl. With mango, banana, oats, strawberries, nuts and yoghurt. See you can be somewhat healthy when on holidays! They are known to be quite busy in the mornings, however I visited around 8.30am and was the second person in there, so I would go early if you want to beat the rush. My breakfast came to a total of 197CKZ/$11AUD.

Beni Mezi Srnky
Beni Mezi Srnky | Prague Food
Beni Mezi Srnky

Good Food

Oh my god. Do not. I repeat DO NOT leave Prague without trying a Trdelnik. Please. It will change your life for the better. Prague is definitely not short on them, with specialised Trdelnik cafes at your every turn. I particularly went to Good Food on purpose because you get one dyed in Black with Black ice cream, it’s called Chimney Devil and came to 150CKZ/$8AUD. This is found between Old Town and Charles Bridge. It was so amazing, I had to go back for another, who am I to deny myself that!

Good Food Prague

Good Food Prague


Las Adelitas

For those who visit Prague and crave Mexican I have found the place for you. Just on the outskirts of Old Town Square is Las Adelitas. It’s hidden in a building one floor down and is dimly lit. I got there around 4pm and I was the first one there. I recommend reserving a table because by 5pm they started filling up and had a lot of their tables reserved. I started with an entree of Tortilla Chips and Guacamole. Amazing. Then had the burrito to end all burritos (Burrito De Tinga).  It was good and filling. The total of lunch came to 342 CKZ/$20AUD.

Las Adelitas | Prague Food
Las Adelitas | Prague Food
Las Adelitas | Prague Food Guide
Las Adelitas | Prague Food Guide


I wanted to have a Czech breakfast while in town and stumbled across Sisters a little café within a complex in Prague. The menu is quite simple, however their main attraction is their “Chlebicks”, the Czech open-faced sandwich. The detail and decoration of these are quite impressive! I tried three of them. My favourite was the beetroot with goat cheese!

Sisters prague | Prague Food Guide
Sisters Prague Food Guide

Café Jen

I made the mistake of going for a run to Loreta in the morning, and then going to breakfast. If anyone is wondering why that's a big deal its because it totalled to an hour and a half of walking, after already going for a one hour walk/run. Café Jen is a small café and is very busy on weekends. I got there around 11.30am (late breakfast, I know, but I walked a lot!) and was lucky that they were able to sit me at the bar by the coffee. I was in need of something refreshing, so I got the Homemade granola and Strawberry & Banana Quark. It was amazing! It made all the walking well worth it!

Cafe Jen | Prague Food GUide

Who else has been to any of the above? Is there a place I should definitely visit next time?

J E S S I C A x

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