Day trip: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is easily the most well-known attraction in Slovenia. So whenever I try to explain where Slovenia is for those who have no idea, visuals of Lake Bled usually help me out. I mean I completely get it, it's beautiful. It's one of the first things I started writing about when I first started out blogging.

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How to get to Lake Bled

So if you're planning to get to Lake Bled, you can catch a bus (I've only ever driven there) so I don't know what the experience is like, but from Ljubljana, I'd say it was relatively easy. You can go in any season, it doesn't discriminate, it's beautiful at any time of the year. I've been during the Summer and now recently in Winter (well it was technically Spring but felt a lot like Winter).

What to do around Lake Bled

Walk around the lake

The track is about 6km long. So it'll take you around about an hour to walk around. I would recommend it, it's beautiful to see different points of view of the Island, lake and Castle sitting high above.


Row Row Row your boat

That's right, you can rent a rowboat and row yourself over to the Island. Or if you're wanting to sit back and enjoy the experience you can be rowed over there, giving you the chance to take photos of your surroundings.


Visit the Church and ring the bell

Make sure you don't forget to make a wish when you ring the bell! Did you know that if you get married at Lake Bled there is a tradition that the male has to carry the bride up the 99 stairs to the church. I mean if I was to get married there, the lucky guy that's going to end up with me would have needed to start training like two years least haha. Not kidding though, I could barely carry myself up those stairs when I was walking up myself.

Don't commit the crime

Do not, under any circumstances leave Bled without trying a Creme cake.  That's it. There are a few cafes you can stop at to try it, I would, at a restaurant that offers amazing views of the lake, because there is nothing better than indulging with an amazing view


Have lunch by the lake

There are quite a few restaurants to stop and eat at. So stop and enjoy a traditional Slovenian meal (but leave room for the Creme Cake!)

Have a photo with the love heart

So you won't see me having a photo there because it's a bit too cheesy for me, and if you ever do and you see a photo online, I was made to against my own will, but you'll notice quite a few couples lining up to get a photo there and it's quite a popular photo to take if you search Lake Bled on Instagram

Walk or drive to Bled castle

Definitely don't miss this. The views of Lake Bled from up there are absolutely amazing! Trust me! and you also have access to walk around the castle which is now a museum. Seriously it's the perfect spot for an insta shot.

Lake Bled in Winter

Lake Bled in Winter

Lake Bled in Summer

Lake Bled in Summer


So who's been to Lake Bled, what was a standout for you?


Jessica x