Ten jobs that allow you to work remotely

UPDATED 7/06/19

It’s the dream everyone wants.

Working from your laptop, travelling from city to city without having to take out annual leave, waking up without an alarm clock and having nobody to answer to.

It’s working in Barcelona for a month and then trying your hand in Paris.

It’s working with clients from all over the world on YOUR schedule.

Whenever and wherever.

Now if that doesn’t sound like the dream, I don’t know what does.

Remote work is increasing every year, and the idea of having your own schedule is enticing and I get it, by working remotely, it’s easier to be present for your family and to be flexible if you like to move around a lot. In a survey taken by 1000 hiring managers they predict that ‘38% of their full-time workers will be working remotely in the next decade’. (Remote.co)

So some of you are wondering exactly what jobs you can do that allows you to work remotely, well I have listed ten jobs below.

Web or Graphic Designer

Design websites for new businesses whether they be service or e-commerce based and there is demand out there with less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website (Blue Corona)

Social Media Manager

With it being 2019 online digita marketing is of the essence and there are a lot of companies that want to up-level and grow their online presence, so as a social media manager you would manage their social, strategies ways of growing understanding exactly what their goal is for their business.

Teach a language online

If you have a knack for languages you can teach them online, there are countless opportunities to teach people from around the world different languages depending on what is in demand

Freelance Writer/Blogger

Create and write content for businesses. There is demand in people who can write effective copy. It doesn’t only mean that you write for magazines, but you can also help businesses write sales pages that helps them to sell services or products.


With video content being the in thing that is only going to keep growing, Cisco stated that by 2020 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. So it is continuing to evolve, so businesses will need videographers who can create this content and edit it into a masterpiece for them.


You can apply for jobs on sites like Fiverr or build a brand on instagram by being the it translator for a certain language.

Online fitness coach

This is becoming increasingly popular, and allows you to work with individuals from all around the world. Take Kayla Itsines for example, she has built an empire from being an online fitness coach that empowers women and teaches them how to be strong, fit and feel good about themselves.

Online business coach/mentor

There are new businesses poping up everyday and the one thing that is in need is coach or mentor. Someone who has had experience, and knows how to help them and guide them to get the results they need of growth and scaleability in their business.

Email Marketer

Good with mailchimp, or convertkit? You can use your expertise to help businesses grow their email list, create and design their email and send it out with effective copy so that their audience can know, like and trust them.

Customer service operator

You can remotely work for a busienss in their customer service team, you would still be working for someone but you’d be helping their customers by feeding answers and finding solutions.

Do you work remotely? What is your job?

Jessica x