I want to hear from you! Tell me about the experiences you have ticked off and those you are yet to tick off your bucketlist!

1. Take a ride in a Hot Air Balloon ✓

Hot air ballooning over the Hunter Valley

Hot air ballooning over the Hunter Valley

2. Sky Dive

3. White Water Rafting ✓

white water rafting down Soča river

white water rafting down Soča river

4. Take a cooking class in Italy 

5. Sleep in a treehouse

6. Go to Sziget 

7. Attend the Carnival of Venice

8. Participate in La Tomatina

9. Ride the Beer Bike in Budapest

10. Start a travel blog

11. Climb the Harbour Bridge

12. Stay at Reefworld, in the WhiteSundays

13. Bungee Jump (this was never originally on the list!) ✓

Bungee Jump in Macau

Bungee Jump in Macau

14. Zipline in Wales

15. Climb Mt. Triglav

16. Witness the Northern Lights

17. Go kayaking 

18. Try Paddleboarding

19. Try Abseiling 

20. Learn to speak fluent Slovenian - enough to have a proper conversation

21. Catch a flamenco show 

22. Enjoy the Opera in Vienna for a night

23. Go to the highest beer garden in Germany 

24. Dance away at Exit Festival in Serbia

25. Ride a Gondola in Venice

26. Experience High Tea ✓