A day at The Grounds of Alexandria


The Grounds of Alexandria is one of Sydney's hidden gems, and is fifteen minutes from the center of Sydney. They have transformed this place into a little oasis. The best way to get here is by driving or taxi. However you can catch a train, with the closest station being Green Square, and The Grounds are about a 15 minute walk from there.

Using the entrance from Huntley Street, you're met with temptation on either side of the pathway. Little stalls are set up with fresh lemonade, nutella or jam filled donuts, and pastries. In this instance it’s socially acceptable to get one of everything, or two. #treatyourself. A heads up they only take cash, luckily enough you'll find a red telephone box, hiding inside - an ATM.


Being a lover of coffee it’s the first thing I hunt down when I go somewhere. Luckily coffee is available at different points around the Grounds. We enjoyed coffee in the shed situated behind The Grounds, where they hold weekend markets. When you enter you are met with live music, which sets the atmosphere as you make your way around.


Every time I go to The Grounds for lunch, I stop by The Potting Shed. I love the interior of this place, its open and green, with pot plants hanging from the ceiling. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can easily spend a whole afternoon here. If you happen to order the burger (which is amazing and highly recommended) it is served on a shovel head. On weekends it does get quite busy, so I would recommend getting there early. If you are asked to wait to be seated at The Potting Shed, it's never an issue, as you can walk around the area and enjoy the floral store, or the petting zoo. There is plenty to keep you occupied while you wait. During the week, I've found it is a lot more quieter. 


While walking around the grounds you'll stumble across the florist “Florals by Silva” and it took a lot of self-control not to buy too many flowers. The area is vibrant, with so many choices. 


So if you happen to have free day in Sydney, I would recommend taking the opportunity to experience The Grounds! 

J E S S I C A x